2 hour interview with Bill Shankly

So you think you know about football?

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"Bill Shankly was a most important man in my life. I consider it my good fortune that I had Bill's help, advice and instruction to draw on during the formative years of my football career. He was one of the game's great characters and one of the game's great achievers. He made his vision and dreams of Liverpool football club come true, he put his character into the club in every facet from the bottom to the top. He produced great teams and had great success. For me possibly his greatest asset was his ability to put all his knowledge and experience into a language that could motivate me. He pushed me through barriers I didn't believe possible. My respect for him I can't put on paper other than to say that his most priceless gift is that he had the human touch with no pretence, a real integrity and was the most genuine man I've ever met. I heartily recommend these recordings to all football enthusiasts, they are the real thing. Never forget Bill wasn't just a great and entertaining talker about the game, he actually reached out and touched the sky."


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